Woden Contractors is one of the oldest privately owned civil construction companies in Australia. Prudent financial management, steady growth and the reinvestment of profits in the company’s people and equipment has allowed the company to operate with financial stability and to invest in modern technology, which adds to our capacity to consistently produce high quality work.

The company has delivered a vast array of civil projects in and around the Canberra region, although our core business has always been the construction of good quality civil road projects, underground services and residential subdivisions. It has often been said that anyone can excavate a hole, but only the competent contractors understand how to lay the pipes and backfill the hole correctly.

During the last decade we have also constructed some significant bridges and complex infrastructure projects – these projects provide different challenges for our dedicated staff and we see the construction of these more difficult projects as a key part of our business in the long-term.


Woden Contractors was one of the first local companies to achieve third party accreditation to the Joint Accreditation Scheme for Australia and New Zealand (JAS-ANZ) in the three aspects of Quality, Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety. This required a significant outlay from the company many years ago and ensures that our senior management team is always diligent in relation to these items.

1. Workplace Health & Safety (WHS)

Woden Contractors has led the way in WHS amongst local civil construction firms in developing and managing a formal third party accredited safety system, years before government authorities mandated such requirements. The company has a strong commitment to safe operations and was the first ACT civil company to achieve accreditation by the Office of the Federal Safety Commission (certificate number 164). We are proud of the low rate of accidents that has been achieved over many years and as witnessed by our very low workers compensation insurance premiums. Above all, safety is managed on a continuous and cooperative basis, with all employees being fully aware of the need to produce quality works without rush or short cuts.


2. Environmental

Environmental management is a major focus for Woden Contractors. We have an excellent working relationship with all members of the Environmental sections of the ACT Government and we are constantly actively seeking their endorsement for works that are carried out on our sites.

To add substance to this critical aspect of our company culture, we have had high praise from the EPA in relation to the environmental work we implemented at the Throsby Subdivision.

In addition, we developed a very complex Environmental Management Plan for the Molonglo Link Bridge project. This project is covered by the Federal NES legislation and contained a number of environmentally sensitive issues. The project involved the construction of a launched box girder bridge over the Molonglo River just downstream of Coppins Crossing. The project was successfully completed with no environmental incidents on the project, which is a testament to the planning and management of the team onsite.

3. Quality

The desire to produce quality civil construction outcomes is at the heart of the management of all aspects of Woden Contractors. We have a strong belief in the idea of minimising the use of subcontractors and maximising the work that is done by our own direct employees. Without any doubt, quality and time can be controlled to a higher standard using the above approach, and the principle extends to the ownership of a significant and targeted fleet of earthmoving equipment to reduce the reliance on outside resources. The maintenance and repair of plant is undertaken by our own workshop team, ensuring the ready availability of reliable and safe plant.


Woden Contractors are regularly acknowledged by its peers and have won nearly 50 awards in the past 25 years (including several National Awards). A more detailed list of awards that have been won can be viewed within our History section.


ACT CCF Earth Awards - First Place Project Value $10M to $30M

  • Gundaroo Drive Duplication Stage 2
  • Value: $20M
  • Client: IDP MPC / TCCS

ACT CCF Earth Awards - First Place WHS Civil

  • Northbourne Avenue Pavement Rehabilitation – Stage 1
  • Value: $2.8M
  • Client: TCCS


MBA Awards – First Place, Civil Roadworks

ACT CCF Earth Awards - First Place Project Value $10M to $30M

  • Molonglo 3 Roads and Intersections
  • Value: $13M
  • Client: Economic Development Directorate

MBA Awards – First Place, Civil Hydraulics

  • Molonglo 3 DN600 Water Supply Main
  • Value: $3.6M
  • Client: Infrastructure Finance and Capital Works


MBA Awards – Workplace Health & Safety

  • Gundaroo Drive Stage 2
  • Value: $21.8M
  • Client: TCCS


MBA Awards – Workplace Health & Safety

  • Majura Link Road
  • Value: $5.7M
  • Client: ACT Roads


CCF Earth Awards – First Place, Civil Works, Cat. 4 ($10M - $20M)

  • Molonglo Link Bridge
  • Value: $15.6M
  • Client: ACT Roads

CCF Earth Awards – First Place, Civil Works, Cat. 3 ($5M - $10M)

  • Bowen Place Crossing
  • Value: $8.5M
  • Client: National Capital Authority


MBA Awards – First Place, Civil Bridgeworks

CCF Earth Awards – First Place, Civil Works, Cat. 3 ($5M - $20M)

  • Parkes Way Widening Project
  • Value: $13.5M
  • Client: ACT Roads


MBA Awards – First Place, Civil Bridgeworks

  • Cable Stayed Pedestrian Bridge over Drakeford Drive
  • Value: $3.1M
  • Client: ACT Roads


MBA National Awards First Place Civil Works (> $10M)

CCF National Earth Awards First Place Civil Works Category 4 (> $20M)

ACT CCF Earth Awards First Place Civil Works (Projects >$20M)

ACT MBA Awards - First Place Civil Works (Projects >$20M)

  • Kings Avenue Overpass
  • Value: $25M
  • Client: National Capital Authority