Woden Contractors have an impressive range of plant and equipment that assists in their reliability and productivity including:

  • 5 x Scrapers
  • 3 x Graders
  • 2 x Dozers
  • 3 x Dump Trucks (2 x 30t, 1 x 40t)
  • 5 x Loaders
  • 10 x Excavators
  • 4 x Backhoes
  • 5 x Padfoot Rollers
  • 6 x Smooth Drum Rollers
  • 13 x Trucks
  • 4 x Water Trucks
  • 1 x Semi Trailer Tippers
  • 2 x Trenching Machines
  • 1 x Crane
  • 2 x Mobile Compressors
  • 3 x Mobile Welders
  • 1 x Tractors
  • 19 x Hand Compaction Equipment
  • 3 x Rock Hammers
  • 5 x Generators
  • 18 x Pumps


The company was an early and enthusiastic adopter of GPS technology, and was at the forefront of maximising the potential of the equipment for accurate machine control and construction set-out. Having our own staff survey members was a significant advantage in realising the full potential of the technology as related to civil construction. We have graders, excavators and scrapers fully controlled by GPS and many ‘rovers’ for use by foreman and others for accurate set-out. The marked improvement in consistent accuracy and overall quality comes at the cost of a multi-million dollar investment but results in superior construction outcomes for our clients.