Denman Prospect 1B Stage 2C

  • Client: Capital Estate Developments
  • Final Contract Value: $7.0M
  • Completion date: June 2020


The project consists of the construction of a subdivision of five (5) multi-unit blocks and forty (40) residential blocks and an off-site trunk sewer main.

The project also involved the management of a large number of project specific complexities including large amounts of uncontrolled fill, large deposits of unsuitable materials, high strength rock, groundwater and steep grades which were managed very effectively by the Woden Contractors team.

The team successfully managed the multifaceted construction program with multiple work fronts running in parallel and were adjusted regularly to mitigate project details from a number of site conditions, as well as design changes that came about during the works.

Quality was a key project objective which saw the in-ground services, pavement construction and concrete elements all completed with an attention to specification but also an emphasis on quality workmanship.

Environmental management presented several challenges which were managed with a strong level of expertise. These included the management of erosion and sediment control across steep grades and partially completed stormwater networks running under adjacent live arterial roads. The client requested assistance in the management of an adjoining stage of work that required a robust site strategy and major erosion mitigation works.

Safety was well managed on the project with great results from project audits, and proactive attention to key safety risks such as plant roll over due to the gradient of the site.

This project was completed on time, with a professional and collaborative relationship with both Superintendent and the Client.