• Client: Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Development Directorate
  • Value: $8.7M
  • Completion date: March 2018


The construction of the Majura Link Road project provided for a new 1.4km single lane road for direct access off the Majura Parkway to the Majura Business Park and Canberra Airport.  The link road reduces the traffic loading on the Fairbain Avenue Interchange and provides for heavy vehicle access to IKEA.  The scope of the project included bulk earthworks, including the construction of a bridging layer in accordance with RMS R44.  The bridging layer was required underneath the road surface due to the geology of the underlying soils and a prolonged wet period.

The link road crossed Woolshed Creek which required the construction of a triple pre-cast arch bridge and the construction of an RC girder bridge.  Due to the proximity of the creek, Wodens were also responsible for building a crane pad for the establishment of a 600T mobile crane to enable the installation of the bridge girders.  Each girder weighed 63.5 ton.

Wodens were directly responsible for the coordination and delivery of the bridge girders which required police escort to the site.  Another crane company were also engaged to assist with the mobilisation of the 600T crane, with both subcontractors working in sequence with each other for the installation of the girders.  Approvals from Canberra airport were also required prior to erecting the cranes, which meant timing was critical.  The installation also required the technical assistance from our internal fabricators and survey team.

The project also included a proposed innovation by Wodens construction team involving the replacement of the bored piles under the bridge and bebo arch foundations with steel piling.  This proved to be a perceptive decision due to the saturated nature of the soils from the unseasonal weather, speeding up this aspect of the work.

The Wodens site team also undertook the installation of the pre-cast arches with the assistance of Titan Cranes.

Additional project works  included, but were not limited to the following items:

  • Removal of existing trees
  • Extension of two existing RCBCs, twin 1500mm diameter culvert and new headwalls
  • Installation and modification of stormwater infrastructure
  • Raising of two existing sewer manholes
  • Installation of streetlights
  • Installation of shared trench
  • Construction of heavy duty asphaltic concrete road pavement and shared path

Significant environmental protections measures were implemented on the site for erosion and sediment control and protection of the waterway within the Woolshed Creek corridor.  This creek maintained a steady flow during constructions works – also flooding on one occasion towards completion of the project. Movement around the site was also restricted in order to protect the Golden Sun Moth and striped legless lizard habitats.

A flood levee bank was also built for the protection an of existing heritage building adjacent to the project.

No non conformances and sanction points were lost during any Active Certification audits undertaken on the project.