Client: TCCS
Final Contract Value: $2.8M (After redesign)
Completion: October 2020 (Ahead of Program)

Northbourne Avenue Pavement Rehabilitation involved renewing the pavement in the three northbound lanes between Macarthur Avenue and Mouat Street. The pavement underwent a significant redesign prior to the start of the job, with RoadsACT proposing the use of foamed bitumen stabilisation to maximise the re-use of existing pavement materials
and significantly reducing the project duration from 26 weeks to 6 weeks.

Major risks included complex traffic management, managed in house by our experienced Site Foreman and a crew oftrained traffic controllers. Each day the road was reduced to one open traffic lane in the morning, and later reopened to two lanes for the afternoon peak period.

Community liaison was well managed by the project team which included noise and vibration monitoring for nearby residential dwellings and a complaints handling process.

Stabilised Pavements of Australia (SPA) were engaged for the asphalt profiling and foamed bitumen stabilisation. This innovative pavement recycling had massive sustainability benefits including:

  • 5,500 tonnes of existing material recycled on site
  • Imported material to site was reduced by 65%
  • Fast work program of only 6 weeks total including wearing course compared to 26 weeks
  • Cost savings associated with the overall more efficient process

Asphalt profiling’s were sent to Downer EDI’s Hume facility, where this material was re-used as Reconophalt in the intermediate asphalt layer. The remaining in-situ material was a mixture of asphalt, road base and clay subgrade. This was profiled, mixed with lime, bitumen and then paved and compacted before being reopened to traffic at the end of
each shift.

Downer EDI were engaged as the asphalt subcontractor for the project and in total laid over 3,000 tons of heavy duty asphalt with the majority of the wearing coarse placed during night shift in echelon formation, using two pavers and a material transfer vehicle to eliminate cold joints and improve rideability.

This project was also undertaken under RMS Specification.

This project has been nominated for the 2021 Master Builders Excellence in WHS Awards.

This project was awarded the 2021 ACT CCF Earth Award – WH&S Civil category