Project Overview

Whitlam Estate Stage 2C development is located in the western extent of the ACT and is bounded to the east by John Gorton Drive. The project involved the development of 58 standard residential blocks, and a multi-unit block, with the associated roads, infrastructure and landscaping.

The projects works included the following items:

  • Bulk earthworks and detailing trimming operations.
  • The construction of roads including kerbs, footpaths and carparks.
  • Installation of in-ground services including sewer, watermain, stormwater, power, streetlighting, communications, and gas.
  • Construction of a 65m stone pitched retaining wall
  • Watermain Valve Pit
  • Quality was a major focus on the project, and has sucessfully been completed with a high quality finish.

This project was finished 12 weeks ahead of program.