We are thrilled to announce that Wodens has been awarded the prestigious Monaro Highway 1B Upgrade project on Behalf of Transport Canberra & City Services (TCCS) Directorate. This is a significant milestone for us, and we are truly grateful for the opportunity to deliver this significant piece of Canberra infrastructure and utilising a local based design and construct delivery team to help foster long-term benefits for the local Canberra community.
The contract will deliver a southbound grade separation involving a 200m long, multi span super T girder bridge over Lanyon Drive and Dog Trap Creek bringing shortened and safer commutes, continuous traffic flows with fewer traffic lights and reduced peak-hour traffic times.
This project signifies not only our commitment to excellence but also our dedication to the betterment of transportation in the region. We’re looking forward to bringing our expertise, innovation, and passion to this venture, ensuring it exceeds expectations.
A huge shoutout to our incredible team for their hard work and dedication. None of this would be possible without your relentless pursuit of excellence. Let’s make this project a shining example of what teamwork and determination can achieve!


Since kicking off at the start of the year, our project landscape has undergone a remarkable transformation! 🌳 With all embankment trees cleared, we’ve begun constructing the bridge embankments, marking a significant step forward. 🌉 Massive quantities of material have been brought in, and the site is buzzing with progress. Our bridge design is nearly finalised, with construction set to begin shortly. Roadworks will follow suit not long after.
A huge shoutout to the community for their patience and cooperation with our traffic management measures. Together, we’re shaping safer and smoother journeys ahead! #MonaroHighwayUpgrade #Wodens #Shapingtomorrowtogether #Civil #Infrastructure #CommunityProgress